Something’s Gotta Give


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When you write or paint or sing you’e supposed to draw this passion from inside of yourself and express it all over the place.

I’ve known some truly horrible, despicable humans in my life. I wouldn’t wish a few of them to Hell because I wouldn’t want to lower the real estate value.

So believe it or not, I refused to write anything about them. I didn’t want to track their sick into my stories where they would live forever.

As we all know, if you publish on line that’s exactly what happens.


The one time I did allow one of my ‘creepers’ into a story, it actually turned out to  a pretty great story.

Did I take heart from that?

I did not.

Some people never learn.

I  guess I am one of them.


I’ve never called my inability to write at times as ‘writer’s block’.

I have always called it ‘snakes on the brain’ or ” I can’t write because i have snakes on the brain.”

If  I say that, I don’t get a bunch of FYI’s about how to overcome something that I know darn well how to get over.

I only have problems when I don’t write what is the ‘truth’.

The biggest problem being when I walk around and around an idea or an image because I don’t want something creeping into my ‘art’ and nesting there like a colony of rats in a basement or a wall.


I’ve learned a lot of ‘truth’ lately.

I’ve seen people reach to some despicable lows to get what they wanted, I’ve watched people in my life turn on each other, betray each other and compromise their integrity.

How do I write about that, I wondered. Shouldn’t I let it go, forget it tell myself it was their circus, their clowns…walk away?

Or do I draw from it, write about it, give it a place to live?

Given that my silence is a creative killer and I’ve learned that lesson the hard way I’m thinking.