Bye Bye September!

It’s been another month and have stayed on task and focused-

at least where my writing is concerned ( yay me ) and  wow has it been great.

I have posted here at least once a day for the entire month of September



I’ve worked on poetry, and I’ve been reading a lot of it too. That’s what has been so great about the WordPress Community- it’s loaded with great writers and I have been learning a lot- it’s been an education.

This year I even got it together and am ready to write about Halloween- so it’s going to be a great month of writing and creating. Unlike the last couple of years where I couldn’t get out of the gate I feel like I’ve hit the ground running.

I’m really looking forward to what will bubble up in my writing.

I hope monsters and creepy things are involved.

Stay tuned!





Worn Words

Outer Layers

What story do the things you wear tell about you?

Pankiewicz: Swans in the Saxon Garden

Pankiewicz: Swans in the Saxon Garden

Every cut

every scar

every word

I have heard, written, spoken

has been

etched in my skin

carved on my face

inked on my bones


Every story

I have ever been

brought to life

with my pen

has a home

in my bones

on my face

flows through my veins

like warm blood, a soft breath, a laugh

a scream from the bottom of my soul

from the darkness of my heart

where the light has never been

Edouard Manet

Edouard Manet

I wear it all

for you to see

for me to feel

I am story

told on cold dark nights

when  the fog creeps in

and you are all alone

with me.


Prelude To An All Hallow’s Eve


Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.




” Where were you on the last Black Moon ? ” I asked my Grandmother as she stood at her kitchen counter carving the first of the many Halloween Pumpkins that would line our walkways and decorate the stairs that led to our front door.

She looked up and shrugged. ” Oh. Here and there. ”

She sounded vague.


I was worried.

I watched her place the tip of the carving knife against the pumpkin’s dark orange flesh. ” Oh wait, ” her shoulder dropped just a little, there was a smooth quick flick of her wrist and the smell pumpkin innards wafted up into the air. ” I remember where I was. Silly me. ”

She turned around with the knife in her hand. ” You must think I’m getting soft Valentina, I do remember where I was at.”

” I thought you might. ” I said firmly, trying to mask the sound of relief that was in my voice.

She tapped the business end of the knife against the side of her head. ” But I’m not getting soft Valentina, Not even a little bit.”

I nodded. ” So if you remember where you were- ” I began

” Yes,  yes Valentina. Not to worry. I remember where I was and what I was doing. ”

Grandmother reached down into the cupboard near her knees and popped it open.

Inside was her elegant black dress, her veil and her shoes. ” And when it’s time to send you back we won’t have any problems. Now run along dear and …” she reached down and then stood up.

She handed me her knife and her veil.

” Go and raise a little Hell. ”