What Do You Want To Be For Halloween?

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-Vilhelm Hammershøi

” What are you going to be for Halloween Morna Glenn? ”

Morna sat by candlelight and sighed. ” I don’t know Francie. What do you think?”

Their sitting room was dark, the house was dark and it was darker outside-even though the Moon was full and the sky was packed with stars.

Francie lit another candle. ” You could be a witch.”

” Again?”

” A Zombie? ”

Morna rolled her eyes up and shook her head.

” I know, be an Elf.”

” What the Hell do Elves have to do with Halloween?”

Francie forgot she had a lit match in her hand and it hissed as it burned it’s way to her fingers.” Oh no. Not that kind of Elf. Not the Christmas kind. ”

” The ones that make cookies?”

” Never mind. Oh wait. I know. Be a Vampire.”

Morna put he face to the table and pounded her forehead against it- hard enough to make the candles dance.

” Ugh.”

” Listen Morna. You have to be something. I’m going to be a butterfly.”

Morna looked up  from the table top. ” That’s a pretty good choice there Francie.”

‘ See. I worked it out. Now it’s your turn.

Morna sat up straight. She was about to say something and slouched back down into her chair.

” You had an idea. I can see it Morna. Go on,  tell me. What do you want to be for Halloween?”

” It’s stupid.”

” I’m going as a butterfly. Possibly a ladybug. Go on. Out with it.”

Morna took a deep breath and said. ” Alive. For Halloween I want to be alive.”

Francie who died of the plague and was buried in a mass grave with two women and a man who were not dead, left this world dreaming of sunshine and fresh air and butterflies looked at her friend Morna who died  hundred of years after her own death when she was poisoned by her own husband for insurance money and said, ” I think that’s a lovely idea Morna. It really is.”

Morna looked into the candle light and said in a softy ghostly whisper that drifted through the abonded house they called home, ” I want to be alive.”