She ( has always ) Fought Like A Boss

When I was about six years old my Dad’s cousin bought a puppy.

” Nicky” as we called him was as sweet as he was big.

Nicky turned out to be pretty big when he was full grown:

But my story starts here:

Shortly after this picture was taken our family was together for a holiday event and we were all in the backyard when I asked if I could hold Nicky’s leash. I was walking around the yard with Nicky when my Dad whistled for Nicky and Nicky who for his own reasons would spend  his life thinking he was a puppy around my Dad took off like a shot.

He pulled me right off of my feet ( considering I was a shrimpy  little kid that was no surprise) and I held on to his leash while he dragged me across what seemed like a thousand acres of lawn right to my Dad’s feet.

” Why didn’t you let go?” I remember everyone asking me.

I looked back at them with the same look they were giving me. That look  said – ” did you loose your single brain cell or did you just forget to bring it along.”

The answer was obvious I said with the leash still firmly clenched in my hand.

” I didn’t want him to get away.”

I handed the leash over and dusted myself off and spit a bit of turf out of my mouth and I’m sure I didn’t just walk off.

I probably swaggered away,  like a boss.


Daily Post Prompt: Avid


Yes this is a true story!

Here’s some info about my cousin John and Nicky:

Shoreline man honored with AKC Lifetime Achievement Award


RIP Once and For All

People have done some pretty horrific things to their dearly departed to make sure that they would stay dead.

The most well known method involved spikes and stakes- and unlike the bodice ripping scenes lovingly embraced by modern day Vampire devotees, it seemed that the preferred method was to pry open your jaws and ram a  spike or rock into your mouth.

I’ve also heard they also buried some people face down so that in a frantic effort to escape from the grave to feed on their relatives, the Vampire would dig down and starve to death  ( again ) in the process.

So in itself, it’s an awful  that people were doing these things corpses.

Worse, they were not doing things thing to strangers or monsters that invaded their homes-

they were doing it to the people they knew and had loved.


Daily Post Prompt: Spike

Cut It Out Anita Marie


I enjoy

dark humor

gallows humor

whistling by graveyards

where I will

dance upon grave after grave


Friday the 13th

Black cats and breaking mirrors

just to hear you scream:

Anita Marie… you’re a devil!

And I will take you hand and say as gentle

as a dry leaf landing on an dark lifeless street.

” I’m not a Devil, I’m the Devil and you’re my evening treat.”

Daily Writing Prompt: Chuckle

Saturday Is Purple

Hearing Harmony is easy,

seeing it is a bit more of a challenge for me.

I want to see patterns and order whether I want to or not.

I’d like to think my brain takes leaps and bounds and doesn’t follow the rules

Other times I don’t mind it at all, like this morning when I was out walking my dog and saw this:



Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Daily Post Prompt: Harmony

that one hurt my brain

Aritst Unknown

I’d like to chop you

into little bits

and serve your bones for tea

I’d like to feed you

bite by bite

to the  creatures that

live with me

Some are small and others are big

and they all have pointy teeth

but none of them are

as good at cooking

and catching  tasty treats

as me.

Daily Writing Prompt: Fry



I thought the recent stories about people who believe the Earth is flat was a joke.

It turned out that it’s not a joke, people are really arguing in favor of this idea.

I guess I should be shocked, we should all be shocked.

But the human brain is capable of coming up with some weird ideas and it can go to some freaky places- for example: