If you are a Science Geek like me two events really made the news in a big way.

First of all Pluto was stripped of it’s Planet Title and a bunch of Scientists went on tour to teach us how to say the name of the planet ” Uranus ” correctly.

When I got hit with those two things at once, I spent my free time watching Cooking shows and ignored the rest of the news cycle. When it was over I went right back to pronouncing ” Uranus ” the way I always have.

And then me and my friend Cle for different reasons decided to post things about Uranus on each other’s facebook walls. Because who doesn’t want their friends and family to see you getting excited about Solar System Lollipops  that include Uranus?

I ask you:

Who among us can ignore news like Massive Storms Erupting on Uranus and not laugh like a madwoman?  I don’t have the maturity required to walk away from a cheap laugh. I admit it. Freely. I swim in toilet humor.I blame it on my massive sugar intake as a child. Oh. And my vaccines. I had ALL of them back in the day.

Atmospheric features on Uranus are revealed in images taken with the Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph and the Advanced Camera for Surveys aboard NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope.

Today the question popped up at Our Random View where they are putting out daily Christmas Writing Prompts  Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #7 – Where to spend Christmas.

I couldn’t just walk away from that one. I tried to be serious. I tried to be creative and write about something with a feel good Holiday theme. But you know…I just couldn’t do it.


If I could go anywhere for Christmas- oh yes- I’d go to Uranus.

Uranus is no longer a single lady- it has a ring on it.

Who wouldn’t want to explore the Solar system and then top off that grand adventure with a trip to Uranus for Christmas.

After all, this was big news back in October and it would have made a great headline on a travel brochure stuck on the side of a bus:  We’ll all get a great view of Uranus tonight, and we won’t even need a telescope

So if you had a wish or a dream for an awesome holiday trip, my advice is- think big, think fun, think exciting…think


She Went There

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