Who Put THAT In The Punch Bowl?

I have never got a bad Christmas Present in my LIFE which is a shame because I have given some crap gifts over the years.

The sad thing is- I didn’t KNOW they were lousy presents when I wrapped them and stuck them under the tree.

I have tried shopping from a list, giving something I made, paying attention to what was popular. I even paid to have someone wrap them and I STILL managed to screw it up.

Most of the time I  think it’s funny when  people give me  that ” Really Anita Marie? WHY?” look- but that’s when I write something strange or say something weird on purpose.

It’s not a lot of fun when it comes to the Christmas Gift part of the  holiday festivities.

This is the one time of the year where I wish I could, for once get on the same page with the people around me.

So now I give out gift cards- of course I got creative and would include some candy or something. But in the end it was a plastic gift card with Christmas Candy and it ended up being safe and not very festive.

I really do wish that presents wasn’t a part of this holiday- but it is and like every other year I guess I’ll try and maybe one Christmas I’ll get it right.


Christmas Special (2017) Writing Prompt #13 – Worst Christmas present

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