The Devil You Say!

This is a post from Journal, which I keep forgetting to use. So this is me writing an entry at Lost Creek.

Lost Creek Journal

I was struggling with why I keep Facebook in my life and what it came down to was the comments.

When I read the comments on my Facebook page I can’t help but read between the lines- it’s more fun that way.

So settle on back, have a drink and let’s watch my Friend List tank at Facebook together, shall we?

Dear Anita:

Please write about your personal life because a troll’s gotta do what a troll’s gotta do and I’m really hoping to find out your life sucks the big one because I never liked you.

Dear Anita:

Please don’t put all that Political stuff on your Facebook Page- I don’t like it. Plus I’m a major racist and ammosexual and  I have to see you at Christmas .

PS should I bring a pie?

Dear Anita

I’m only here because I have a new Profile Picture up and…

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