My Dark Companion

Rendered helpless by a  smile, a moment of conversation here and there rehearsed words practiced for lost years wormed their way into my ears

Undone by chaos enveloped in sweet promises sealed with a kiss that tasted like bitter chocolate, I hate chocolate sweet or not but I swallowed each drop, each buss hungrily

Ended in dust, witnessed by rats brought back to my own darkness by the promise of my Cacodemon, my constant companion now.

Inspired by the Daily Addictions Prompt RUE



Open The Door, It’s Me

Anything could be waiting

for me

on the other side of that door.

Maybe it’s a small dark room, filled with broken mirrors and dried flowers

murdered in their vases- left to die of thirst with only the spiders and rats to mourn them.

Anyone could be waiting for me

on the other side of that door

their fists clenched in fear,

their vision blurred by fear and a scream trapped in their chest struggling with their heart for space in their slowly tightening ribcage.

Should I knock?

Or should I stand here

and wait for them

to come out.


Ghost of An Idea

I know some people who can spend their entire lives never traveling more then twenty miles away from their front door

and I wonder why they ever bother to leave it at all

because  the ghosts of places  the Starlite Motel still haunt the roads ways

and the rooms are always vacant.

Want me to show you?


Vexatious Foe

Photographer Unknown

Do you know where the monsters hide?

Do  you know where they plan and plot and dream?

You probably should know, wouldn’t it make your heart beat a little slower then it’s beating right now?

Wouldn’t that make you feel better?

Monsters been known to entomb themselves in dimly lit  basements with painted concrete floors  and  dusty spider webbed attics that smell like mothballs and dead mice  and under beds where you should be safe and warm.

Vexatious,  duplicitous, guileful

getting what they want, taking what they desire, terrorizing the weak of heart

 is not sport to them

it’s a puzzle to be worked


Do you know where the monsters hide?

Lean a little closer, let me put my lips to your ear

I’d be glad to tell you

it’s the most humane thing  I can do.