Flavia Finn’s Path

Photo by Mohammed Ajwad on Pexels.com

” I have it, I know what I am going to do with the rest of my life starting now. Not later, not maybe but now. I have it, I can see it. I have met my destiny and answered it’s call!”  Flavia Finn cried into the night from her garden under the stars.

She clasped her hands together and pushed them against her chest. ” Why did it take me so long to break out of these chains, this prison I  locked myself in. Why did I never see this before? It’s been here all along waiting for me to just reach down and-”

Tears were begin to pool in her eyes but Flavia Finn would not allow them to fall and ruin this wonderful night.

” Miss Finn? Flavia? Are you okay? I heard you from the street. Are you in trouble?”

The air was so cool and the garden smelled so sweet and Flavia Finn was having the best night of her life. ” Of course not. Do you know what Gail? Tonight I found my purpose in life. Right here. In my garden of all places.”

Gail picked her way carefully along the path to where Flavia was and she asked, ” Is that it?”

Flavia looked up and the tears she tried to hold in raced down her cheeks and into her ears.

She nodded.

” It’s a hole in the ground, an empty hole in the ground. That’s your purpose?”

Flavia Finn, with the Moon in her eyes and the Devil in her heart told her neighbor.

” You know, I think it is.”

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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