The Christmas Pie Story

Photo A.M. Moscoso

When I was young

and was always getting in the way

my family got so tired of telling me to get lost, find something to do

” why are you still here Anita Marie”

that they tried little quips

to sound a little less like a broken record.


Once I wandered into the kitchen during

the mad rush to bake one more pie for Christmas Eve dessert  because it was always better to have a little extra

then not enough

and asked each of my hard working relatives about a million times

” What are you baking?”

and one of my relatives finally gave in and said

” baking a pie ”

” What kind of pie? ” I asked.

” You will find out later- now scram.”

I decided make the rounds AGAIN  and to ask the same question because I really did want an answer. So following their lead I made my question interesting because really, you can only ask about a pie so many ways and I had tried about a hundred of them in five minutes.

Even I was bored with myself at that point.

Bored but persistent.

” I just want to know, who got baked in  the pie.”

And then joy! I got a new response.

Several sets of eyes rolled around the room  and then down at me.

” What did you say?”

” What’s in the pie. ”

” That’s NOT what you said Anita Marie.”

” Yes it is. ”

” No, it wasn’t.”

” I just hope they’re yummy.”

Nobody told me to get out of their way, to scram, nobody moved, all eyes were on me and the last pie almost burned even though the timer was chiming from the counter top and it was very  loud.

And that is one of my favorite holiday memories, the jewel among many that I shall always cherish.

Inspired by the Ragtag Daily Prompt: Prompt: Jewel

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