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There was a story  that haunted the house

that I’ve built inside of my head.


It was all about monsters and curses and gardener

named Erasmus

who always sings when he digs.


There is an abandoned fire

burning  on  a cold hearth

in the house

where my shadows used to live.


3 thoughts on “WHERE DID THEY GO?

  1. Is the abandoned fire on the cold hearth a Cold Fire? Is it the “pattern of moonlight on the bedroom floor,” the “flame at the heart of the pawnbroker’s diamond”, or the “look in your eyes as you head for the door”?

    Apologies, Animar amor, I couldn’t resist. Part 3 reminds me of a song I love by one of my all-time favorite prog rock bands.

    Very nice, keep up the good work!



    • Denny, I love the wonderful touches you left in
      some of your comments!
      I was a guitarist for over 25 years, so when I write I’ve noticed rhythms pop up all over the place- if I go with it the pieces flow together nicely. If I go back and edit so that
      it read l like prose I let it go, even if it doesn’t ‘read’ write, it says what I wanted.

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