Can You See It?

I learned something new today.

I learned, from one of people I ride the train with, what it’s like to be fitted with prosthetic  eyes.

The man had his eyes removed when he was young.

First thing I learned, they didn’t remove  his entire eye, in fact  there are a few ways this is done, in his case they just removed the front part- to be honest I’m not sure what that looks like and I didn’t want to stop him to ask.

When they created the mold for his glass eyes, he said he could feel them put whatever it is they used ( I think he said they used some kind of wax, could be wrong ) into his sockets. He said it didn’t hurt, but it felt weird.

I’ve been turning this conversation over in my head because people were actually asking him good questions- and he was great at telling us little stories in reply.

Plus, when he talked he actually painted images you could see which I found the most interesting part of this experience.

I’m not wondering what an empty eye socket looks like, or what it would feel like to have someone put their hands into the space where my eyes used to be to create a mold-

As a writer, I was fascinated by the idea that a man who is blind could paint pictures with words.