A Mother’s Love

Just a short time ago

I was at an exhibit called ” Bodies In Motion.”

I ran into a woman I ride the train with there  and we walked around for awhile and took in the exhibits.

Then we came across this one and my train companion became visibly upset. Sweat popped out all over her face and she turned absolutely pale.

” I’ve had babies, I can’t look at this. I can’t be here. They never had a chance. I can’t be here.”

She meant it, she left the exhibit and nearly walked into a huge display case on her way out of the room.

Recently this woman and I were on the train together and the subject of the immigrant children who had died at Trump’s detention center came up.

” It’s not his fault. It’s their parent’s fault they’re dead. You should  blame them, not him.”

I thought about those fetuses that had visibly upset her , that had moved her to tears because they ‘never had a chance’.

Sometimes I see her at the train station, but I never meet her eye and I never say hello.

I just can’t.