Give Till It Hurts


I don’t want to talk to anyone on my train ride to work.

I haven’t resorted to pulling out my phone and mindlessly scrolling through the screens or pretending like I don’t see you. Oh no. I’m more creative then that.

I just stand there and think about artwork by Hieronymous Bosch and like magic not only do people not talk to me, in some cases they actually walk away.

So I was tempted to go to my happy place (cough, cough) when I notice the person standing in front of me.

She is actually nice- most of the time she talks about her job and how it’s all about numbers and processes and forms. So you might think that’s sort of dry, but I am totally fascinated by anyone who can walk into that sort of hell everyday and not go start raving mad.

Anyway, I was all ready to tune out when I sort of pick up on the fact that she’s not feeling well. Like she’s leaning forward a little and her eyes look sort of runny and she’s a little pale too.

I don’t know what to say, like do I just jump in and say, ” Wow, your look a little rough around the edges there ” or do I say, ” Is today the day? Is today the day you take all of those pieces of paper and pile them on your desk and set them on fire and roast marshmallows? Is today THAT day?”

So I ask if her morning jog went okay.

I could have kicked myself. It was pretty obvious she was not thrilled to be standing there in the cold waiting for a train, let alone go out in the dark and the cold and jog.

Then she tells me about this 24 hour bug she caught really hit her hard and how her husband picked her up from the station and what a rough ride that was. Then she told me how he took care of her when she got home and when she said she wanted to go to work, he drove her to the station and said call if she wants to leave work early and he will come get her.

” That’s really nice, he sounds wonderful. ”

She smiled and her watery eyes sort of sparkled and she said ” He really is.”

When we got on the train she didn’t look as tired or worn out as she did a few minutes before.

But I am who I am and when I got on after her, I was back to thinking about Bosh and for some reason, I felt tired and a little worn out.