Lady of Slaughter


The Sun sent down a warrior

to make war upon his enemies

to spill their blood and break their bones and feast upon their flesh

where they lived, where they hid, where they saw

before they drew their last breath


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin of his creation.


When the Sun called his victorious warrior home

she heard his voice, looked up into the sky

but the words that fell to the earth

and landed in her ears

sounded like the roar of blood rushing through

ruined veins and salty warm torn flesh


fire raged to her jaws, to her teeth into her heart and claws

obedience unchained became a monster

and it

drank the blood and feasted  on the bones

of one and all


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin with no master to call her to his side.

The Sun

offered her wine

as red as blood

and this sweet blood

sang in her veins, it did not burn and it even made her smile

so she took to the sky

and returned to the Sun

and said,

” Anytime ”

And the Sun,

turned pale


burned a little less brightly

in fear

at the sight of his creation


the lioness

a goddess

an assassin who answers to no one.