The 15th Of February

RDP Monday: FLOW

Photo A.M. Moscoso

Back in February, the 15th human foot of the decade washed up on the Pacific Northwest shoreline.

Feet minus the rest of their body’s had been washing up between Georgia Straight and the Puget Sound over the years and each time one did we were left to ponder- were they plane crash victims? Victims of smuggling, human trafficking or foul play?

It turns out that some were suicides, others were victims of accidents and none, we were told, were the victims of foul play or human sacrifice or cannibalism ( I’ve heard loads of weird theories ).


A map of where feet were found in British Columbia, including the most recent foot. |British Columbia Coroners Service

The prevailing winds in this area are move west to east so anything floating in this part of the Pacific will be pushed to the shore here in the Sound and the Georgia Straight instead of to  the  San Francisco Bay Area.

It’s a haunting image, a foot in a shoe bobbing and rolling past boats and fish and Whales until it winds up on a beach or on the rocks and it sits there until a dog trots along or someone wonders, ‘what the heck is that?’

How many times have I walked along the beaches or sailed on the Sound? Lots. Have I ever thought it was possible that one day after a turn of horrible events my foot could float to shore and horrify a beachcomber or a dog walker or someone who wanted to contemplate the Universe and all that it could mean?

I didn’t.

I don’t think anyone can really imagine that.

Have nightmares about it, maybe.