Happy Flings

[WRITERS] EXERCISE: from Fling Magazine

When you are a well educated suburbanite

and you go to places to drink wine so that you can lick the rim of the glass in public  and you drive around  in a little sports car that  you can’t really afford to keep up or sell and you buy art because you think you should

we are supposed to be under the impression

you don’t buy porn or watch porn or read poetry about opening flowers that’s really just porn minus the eff words.

Thank goodness you are such a phony and nasty and basic at heart because when someone writes for you or about you we keep in mind that:

“Short stories should have strong elements of sex. Emphasis must be about’worldly’ instructors who know all about lovemaking and who are also verysexy and very busty. Plus, lots of sex action that involves using her abundant breasts. Fiction should be contemporary; story lines a bit kinkyand offbeat. Your male characters should be ‘average,’ macho is out, here.We’re looking for originality, not the usual boy-meets-girl, boy-beds-girlstory. Also, believable plots and dialogue are important because they have to ring true for our readers to stay interested. How much sexualdescription? It varies with each story, of course. But as a rule, keep thesex action at least 50 percent of your story. Sharp contemporary dialogue is important, but don’t overdo its use, either. Keep sentences short;paragraphs also….”8-12 typed pages; pays $135-200, on acceptance for first NASR

and for me that adds up to a lot of new toys for my dog every month or a manicure so keep being you-  and I shall write on.