Falling Leaves


Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 27: Find a song about love in autumn & Prompt for Day 28

Before he passed away my friend Ron and I were talking about music ( we were at a Mardri Gras Party  and music and food were the main topics of conversation )

He asked me who a few of my favorite bands were and I mentioned Glenn Miller- hands down. I was also a fan of the Andrew Sisters.

Ron’s face lit up- ” You know Glenn Miller’s music? ”

Absolutely I said, I grew up with Swing Music because of my Grandparents.

They not only played it on the radio and they played the albums, they also taught me to sing a bunch of cool songs from the 1920’s  and 1940’s and to this day I use sayings like  ‘ the Cat’s Pajama’s, Bee’s Knees, Moxy and Snap your cap in everyday conversation.

Back to me and Ron.

Ron was a young man in the 1940’s and I wasn’t born until 1964- but in that moment when we started to talk about music we were on the same page and it was the Cat’s Pajamas.

It’s a good memory, a fun one.

So here’s my pick  for Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 27-

Glenn Miller’s Falling Leaves.

Miss you Ron O.


Your friend,