When Horror Writers Dream



A writer

with pen in hand

an idea in her brain

trapped in dream that could mean she is not quite sane.


She  questions the man who rides next to her on the train

Do you think I am a creep? Almost pretty  but not quite there?

I was left for dead because I was not fuckable

by Prince Charming with Mommy issues.


Go ahead look away

I don’t care.

I have no face, no place to go, nowhere to be, I’m really not here she says

into his pale and frightened face.

No one will believe I was real.

They never have.


The writer with Pen in hand

an empty notebook waiting to be fed

could go anywhere unnoticed

and dress  like a whore, a soccer mom,  a serial killer with pink and yellow hair..

She could be sitting next to you,  standing behind you right now.


The writer’s life is a dream

A nightmare that she could wake up from

if she was really asleep

and wanted to.

Here’s My Line


[you’ll probably recognize the tune soon enough…]

Zombies with leg cramps

and Werewolves with itches

Vampires with toothaches

and Witches with sniffles

Halloween sounds pretty cool

unless you’re a monster coming down with  the flu.


When the ghosts cry

and the bats fly

and the tombs open wide

We’ll just bundle up

and snack on a corpse

and try it again….

Next Year.




The Most Exclusive Club EVER

FOWC with Fandango — Social

There is an app for everything now.

Trying to find your way to- geeze I don’t know, does anyone go anywhere anymore? Anyway if you do want to go somewhere an app will tell you how to reach your destination quickly it will tell you which route to take and it will remind you to breathe and blink.

Just kidding, there isn’t an app for that.


With an app you can even  find love, sex, heaven to Betsy you can even find  ghosts!

Want to avoid human contact when you are out in public? There’s an app for that- you can play games, look up FAQs about other apps- in a pinch you can hop on the  YELP app and give a bad review to a business you’ve never been too.

Its punkish thing to do, but you know until there’s an app to rid your personal space of other living creatures,   what other options do you have?

However if you are above cheap stunts and you want to actually learn something , you can explore  Space with an app. There’s a few of those that are pretty  impressive and the kicker is you never have to actually look up to the sky  when you use it.

Apps are magical things and at times they almost seem alive.

Apps care for us and obey us.  They’re like a loyal dog that you don’t have to feed or clean up after or  walk. They don’t shed or try to hump the neighbor’s leg.

Most of all with our apps we can each be a member of the most exclusive club in the world where it’s lone member is not only the brightest star in the heavens, but the only star- the most loved star showered with all the blessings and gifts the Gods have to offer.

Apps, hold us safe, sound,  and firmly in Non-existent hands.