Flashback To An Ode To The Raven

Fist published October 31, 2016

Re-posted for Fandango’s Flashback Friday.

From the dark a knock upon my door

 woke me from my sleep

I didn’t reach for a light

I couldn’t even breathe.

It shouldn’t have been


no one should be at my door

all I wanted to do was sleep

But there was a knock upon my door

” Is anyone there? “

my voice echoed in the dark

” Answer me, are you there?”

And then it knocked again

louder then before

So I  reached up to my door and I pushed it open

” What do you want?” I demanded

as my door swung open wide

and a horrible white light burned into

my long shut and sleeping eyes…

And a voice called from beyond the brightness:

What the hell is that? For God sake shut it, shut that coffin lid NOW!

52 Days To Halloween

There are 52 days left to Halloween and today as I reflect on this picture of my Granddaughter in her Princess dress  while wearing her monster mask with her little arms ready to reach out and grab you,  I am wondering why I am freaked out by that balloon over her shoulder.

Halloween chills, you never know  how or when they are going to hit you but I suppose that is the fun of it.

Photo J.M. Moscoso

Little Windows

Instead of looking into some creepy windows, I thought we would look out and see what we could find-