The Hallow Heart

PROMPTUARIUM Prompt: She Was Sad

Stitched together

glued together

fastened together with  pins and ribbon and tape

I am a gift, a treat, I will make you feel

loved, wanted, cherished.

I am here to make your house a home

and love you

I will love you, I promise, I swear

A soulmate with no soul.

That is me.

The nightmare of your dreams.







Little Windows

Who doesn’t love a haunted or cursed painting? 

I know where I stand, how about you?

Here are some little windows for you to look peer through so that you can decide for yourself.


47 Days To Halloween

I’ve been running across all sorts of cool Halloween costumes on the Web and it does my heart good to see how much fun people have and will be having.

You might be a little surprised based on my blog that these are my favorite costumes so far- why? Because these costumes capture the sport of Halloween perfectly.

There are 47 days to Halloween, have a little fun why don’t you?