It Had To Be Said

The reality is,

if I had slapped every single person who has ever made a racist comment about

someone in my family

or made fun about people with autism- which my niece has

or suffered from physical disabilities like my late nephew  endured in his short life,

I’d be in jail right now and tagged as a repeat offender.

So if you are on Will Smith’s team, take your effing victory lap and the STFU.



Photographer Unknown

It’s not that I don’t like writing about me as a kid or writing about my day or things that I see and hear that just tickle my fancy. I think of telling those kinds of stories as exercises.

To be honest, I hardly ever revisit those posts because when I get down to the bare bones of it, I enjoy writing about scary things, and dark things and negative things and the horrifying decisions people make.

To scratch that itch, I’ve started writing posts that will start going up for my 100 Days before Halloween project and do you know what? I’ve really been enjoying myself.

In fact I’ve enjoyed it so much I dug up some notes and prompts for horror and suspense stories and decided to do those along with my RDP challenges- which I enjoy because they do keep me sharp.

So, I’ve hit the CTRL-ALT-DEL keys ( or as my Dad used to call it, the Three Finger Salute ) and I guess I’m going to really drill down on what excites me as a writer.

It’s time to reset and reinstall.

The Rotten House



It wasn’t the smell

it wasn’t the dust- gray and black with age

that clung to the walls,

with tiny teeth and maybe claws

that made me want to tear the old house down

with my bare hands.


It was the angry words

the vicious threats

that nested and hid in every single dark corner

waiting for the windows to shatter, for the doors to open

so that they could fly free and find another rotten house

to call home.