The Burning


For some RDP prompts  I usually point out that I may have gone off the tracks, but for today’s prompt I not only went off the tracks I caught a plane and flew over the point. But I’m the one who contributed this prompt so hahahahaha. Sorry not sorry and lol.


Photographer Unknown

When I was 14 we read Romeo and Juliet in our English class. It wasn’t easy to understand and it wasn’t a lot of fun at first but I did learn a lot about Shakespeare and poetry and classical lit, so that was good.

HOWEVER- it was my friend Darrin who pointed out in class one day the less then pure imagery  when Romeo says:

Oh, she doth teach the torches to burn bright!

William Shakespeare

I still snicker a little when people talk about ‘burning torches’ and that’s okay to- a little laugh is almost as good as having a big laugh- both of which are necessary to make it through these modern times.

So for today’s RDP prompt I’ve chosen some artwork that feature torches and songs about fire because together torches, to me- and Darrin- will always represent passion.

A Devil With A Torch and Spear
Sir Nathaniel Dance-Holland

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon |
Cupid Testing the Flame of His Torch