The Marmalade Smile

My 3rd grade teacher used to send me out in the hall to ask Jesus to forgive me when I wasted his time by forgetting to turn my homework in.

He would send me out in the hall to ask Jesus to forgive my disobience when me and my friend Darrin used to pass notes to each other.

I skipped the part about me going to a public school- but that’s where I went and I should add that my teacher had us pray before lunch and right after we said the Pledge and after the bell rang at the end of the day. Yep. We had to pray to Jesus before he let us go.

Anyway, my teacher never really called me an idiot when it turned out I was the last one to be able to write in cursive and had to print in ‘baby blocks’.

I had to print neatly before I could write in cursive. It was a little embarassing but I liked to print. So I didn’t care. It’s also possible I was blowing my cursive lessons on purpose- I honestly don’t remember, but it’s likely.

My teacher worked under the opion on a daily basis that I was ‘mentally disabled.’ though in those days the name he used was much more crude.

Anyway, he didn’t say I was ‘mentally disabled’ to my face. He said it to the Principal and to my Parents. They weren’t buying it. They just figured I had rubbed my teacher the wrong way.

” Anita’s not stupid. ” my Dad would say, ” that damn kid is to smart for her own good if you ask me. ”

So they kept me in that class because my parents figured I could take care of myself ( which I guess I did ) and later I found out the Principal kept me in there because this teacher had already tossed out at least four students who weren’t- well- Sunday School material and they weren’t going to let him toss out anymore. Lucky me.

Anyway instead of calling me the ” R ” word because it didn’t seem to phase me he would smile this thick, gooey smile and as he would lean over me I could see right up his stupid nose and I saw those little hairs kind of swish around the rim of his nostril before he said, ” I know Anita- that is your best. So why don’t you turn your desk to the wall and try your best there? ”

Well. I did. But I was miserable. You stare at a wall for six straight hours and see how you like it.

At the end of the year me and my friend Darrin snuck into class while everyone was out at recess and we drew a picture of our teacher on the blackboard. It wasn’t a mean picture, it wasn’t a caricature. Darrin was great at drawing and it was a decent picture.

Then we drew sunbeams around our teachers face and under it I wrote, ” Mr ( teacher ) has a Golden Marmalade Smile.

He actually left it there and when our Parents showed up at the end of the day for our class party my Mom and Grandpa saw the picture and what I wrote under it ( in cursive ) my Grandpa leaned over and whispered into my ear ” you are a child after my own heart.”

See, instead of saying something was Smarmy- because my Nan considered that ‘ wooden swearing ‘ my Grandpa taught me to say Marmalde instead.

Like my Dad said, sometimes I was to smart for my own good.


Flasback Friday-The Clouds

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday I found a story I wrote for Mother’s Day In 2016.

It’s called Clouds


” You really burned me up Ava, but I I can forgive you.” Ava’s Mother, Violet Louise, pushed her glasses back up her nose and looked at her daughter and then out the passenger window. ” I just don’t like change, you know that. It’s time though. I know that.”

” Mom.” Ava looked into the rearview mirror and saw her Mom’s things, packed in old  trunks with faded trim  sitting on the back seat. ” It’s nice at Falcon Ridge. You can see the Ocean from your new place.

Violet Louise’s glasses rode down her nose again and she pushed them back up. ” I’ve always liked the Ocean. I almost gotten eaten by a shark once, and another time I swam to far out and almost drowned. But I didn’t care. I loved the Ocean and I wouldn’t have stayed out of it for anything.”

Ava pulled a stick of gum from her visor and popped it into her mouth. She worked the wrapper off with her tongue and teeth and spat it out the window.

” That is such a nasty habit Ava.”

” I learned it from you.”

” And do you know what else is a nasty habit? Contradicting you Mother.”

Ava tried to laugh but she couldn’t.

” You’re going to be okay Mom.” Ava said for the millionth time. ” You’re going to be ok. Falcon Ridge… I mean your new place is called Falcon Ridge, how cool is that?”

” I like the name just fine and I know I’m going to be ok. I survived a shark attack. Now spit that gum out before we get out of the car. It looks tacky for a woman of your age to be popping and snapping her gum in a situation like this.”

They pulled into the parking lot- the clouds were gathering on the horizon and the fog was rolling up from the beach.

The Receptionist from Falcon Ridge was waiting outside as promised.

Ava rolled her window down and the Receptionist leaned in and said gently, ” Hello Ava. If you would like to bring your Mom in now, we have her place all ready for her.”

Ava reached over and gently picked up the box with her Mother’s ashes encased in a pink marble urn from the seat next to her.

It was no where near dusk, but Daylight Fell and the clouds over head blocked out the Sun.



The Weyward Sisters


The weyward Sisters,

hand in hand,

Posters of the Sea and Land…

” First Folio “ Mr. William Shakespeare’s Comedies, Histories, & Tragedies


The many faces of the Three Witches from ” Macbeth “

Haunting, aren’t they?


Three Witches, MacBeth (1831) – James Henry Nixon


Macbeth. Compare and Contrast: Opening scenes from five adaptations.