That’s Kind of Thrilling

” Thriller” by Michael Jackson ( both the song and video ) are part of the modern Halloween culture.

The song pops up at parties, the costumes that the performers wore are still available for purchase and Vincent Price fans sit through the entire video in order to hear the Master of Horror speak.

I love Vincent, the song and video not so much.

However, as I said just a few lines ago the song  ( for now anyway ) is part of the Halloween Soundtrack of Life so its there whether I like it or not.

Recently my friend sent me this clip- it’s a Bolywood ( I LOVE Bolywood movies ) movie where the dance scene is inspired by Jackson’s ” Thriller ” I thought it was fun and creative so here it is.

There are 91 Days left to Halloween, would you care to dance a while we wait?

Anita Marie

Dance scene inspired by Michael Jackson’s ” Thriller “

Golimar, Donga is a Telugu film which was released on 14 March 1985. This film was directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy, and stars Chiranjeevi and Radha. This film is produced by T. Trivikram Rao and Music by : K. Chakravarthy.

Golimar Full Scene (Donga Bollywood Movie 1985 – HD) Actor Chakravarthy | Golimaar – Singer “Balu”

This clip leads into the dance scene and has some cool scenes cut out from the clip above.

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