There Must Be 50 Ways-


There are

63 days left until Halloween and here are 50 ways to enjoy them!

You can use these prompts in any way you want- short stories, poems, artwork, you can even go out and explore the world with them to guide you and THEN create something from that.

FYI- there are 50 more prompts to come so I’ll post them here as I catch them.


Photo: A.M Moscoso

Save The Date(s)

There are 64 days left to Halloween and we have an important save the date(s) announcement.

Photo A.M. Moscoso

It has been decided that Halloween season officially will now begin  on September 1st and last until  11:59, October 31st

Past practice  has been firmly established that there is far to much to see, do, taste, touch listen to, scare hidden and / or run from to contain within the 31 allotted days.

If you don’t like it, take your 12 feet inflatable Santa, your ugly Christmas sweaters and sit yourself down. Nobody needs your kind of negativity.


” All of Us Fun People “


Something Warm To Drink

Halloween Happy 2022 Prompt: Fav Mug

Hamburg and Archaeology: Neolithic Mug
Foto: AMH Neolithic

If I could choose a place to sit and rest my bones

I’d want to rest them on a wing back chair in front of a roaring fire

in a house full of cob webs and ghosts and mice.


If I couldn’t have that chair in front of a fire

and I wanted to rest my bones because I was very, very tired

maybe I’d choose to  rest them under a big tree with dry gold and red leaves

near a stream full of smooth gray stones covered with slick green algae.


Or maybe it would be more practical to just sit in a diner

at a counter and ask for a warm mug of tea

and sip it slowly and watch the time pass on the stopped clock behind the counter


hauling around a bunch of bones in a canvas bag  all night long

is hard work.