Something Warm To Drink

Halloween Happy 2022 Prompt: Fav Mug

Hamburg and Archaeology: Neolithic Mug
Foto: AMH Neolithic

If I could choose a place to sit and rest my bones

I’d want to rest them on a wing back chair in front of a roaring fire

in a house full of cob webs and ghosts and mice.


If I couldn’t have that chair in front of a fire

and I wanted to rest my bones because I was very, very tired

maybe I’d choose to  rest them under a big tree with dry gold and red leaves

near a stream full of smooth gray stones covered with slick green algae.


Or maybe it would be more practical to just sit in a diner

at a counter and ask for a warm mug of tea

and sip it slowly and watch the time pass on the stopped clock behind the counter


hauling around a bunch of bones in a canvas bag  all night long

is hard work.


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