Blue Monday

I thought I would challenge myself to work color into my writing.

I don’t mean ‘colorful’ words. I mean actual color.

Over the weekend I read two very interesting articles about the use of color in writing.

One is  called ” Colour Psychology for Writers “about the use of color in prose (and film).  The other was called ” 204  Words That Describe Colour- A Resource for Writers

After I finished  reading those articles,  I thought as an on going challenge for myself I could enrich my writing by working on this technique.

 I love to post artwork because looking at art seems to fill that creative well in my head, so I thought I would give those posts more form. This way I can see how the colors are used, their shades and hues  and of course I find inspiration in art so it’s a win.

I hope you find these links and artwork as informative and inspiring as I do.


Van Gogh’s Starry Night with the first image taken by the James Webb telescope by alpgenart

Shoda Koho
“Fish boat on moonlit sea”

~ Sydney Laurence ~ (1865-1940)
“ North Star “

Matanuska Glacier, Alaska
Photographer Unknown

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