One Little Window

If you think it was easy to find a pictures of three Egyptian mummies in one picture to go along with the one  little window I chose to feature today, it isn’t.

But I had fun in the process, so go on- enjoy.


Three mummies fom the museum’s collection. From left to right: Irtieru a man, 35 to 45 years (1,71 m ± 4 cm), from the Third Intermediate Period 1.070 – 664 AC — 2.800 years; Pabasa a man 40 to 50 years (1,62 m ± 4 cm) from the Late period 663 – 323 AC – 2.500; Sukhetsahor* (*most probable name, not certain) a man 51 to 60 years (1.66 m +/- 4 cm).from the Initial Ptolemaic period, Akmin 250-200 B.C. (2.200 years).

Mummified  Cats—In the British Museum


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