Good Morning To You Too!

RDP Thursday: BRIM

Today I was on my FB page looking for some pictures to use on my blog and out of curiosity I visited some of my friends pages .

I was treated to pictures  flowers and sunshine and green grass and blue skies. My news feed was brimming  with pastel charm.

Then I thought to myself- hey I should post a picture of my Spring Day too!

But I couldn’t because the moment I could have captured and shared was gone.

This morning I was on my loading dock and there were two crows sitting on top of the fence near the railroad tracks.

From what I understand they like to dive at people, I’m guessing that’s why the homeless people who used to hang around my loading dock have been absent. Anyway, when I am out there all they do is preen and talk

This morning was different.

The moment I stepped out onto the dock they sort of- I don’t know raged is the word that best describes how they sounded.

I looked around to see what had them so upset- nothing was there.

Then I  Iooked down and I saw two dead rats.

I’m guessing they had eaten some of the poison from the traps that the building over from mine put out for them.

I went in and got a shovel and a hefty bag and I put them inside of it and then I called to have them taken away. You can’t leave them out you know,  and if you don’t dispose of them properly other animals can eat them and meet the same fate.

I HATE poison traps. It’s the death trap that keeps on giving.

When the rats were gone, the crows settled down and when I went out there at the end of the day they chatted at me like always and then they flew off.

So that was how my Sunny Spring Morning went. It wasn’t Facebook material but I guess it matters just as much. I suppose I could share my moment there- even if it wasn’t dripping with pastels. It was dripping with life and death.

Cool, right?

Lucifer Drawing by Franz von Stuck

“Hear ye, hear ye!”

Daily Writing Prompt: What job would you do for free?

Henry Wallis1856

I almost passed this prompt up because I am doing the job I love for free and I do it every single day at about the same time.

I write.

I write on my blog. I write in my notebooks- and not my Chrome Notebook. I write in an actual notebook with water rings on the cover. Sometimes I just jam articles that I print off from the internet between the pages.  I have a bus schedule in there that’s about 10 years old and for some reason I hang on to it.

When I start a new notebook, the bus schedule for routes that don’t  exist anymore goes right into it.

My Notebook  lives in my backpack so when I go to work or I travel it’s always with me.

I do this job free with no real goal in mind. By that I mean I don’t know if all of the hard work I put into my blog will every amount to anything tangible. Sometimes I think that one day my Granddaughter will stumble across my blog ( everything lives forever on the internet you know ) after I’m long gone and I guess that’s the only real ‘goal’ I have in mind.

I feel like it’s my job to leave a little of me for someone to find one day. I don’t know why but it seems important.

And it’s fun.


It’s Weird Alright

If you are looking for some inspiration for a story or two  or maybe you’re wondering if you really have to go to the other side of the world

to find the odd, the macabre and the strange- do what Mark and Mark from Weird NJ have done and start exploring your own back yard-

You might be surprised at what you could find there:

As a side note- below is  this blurb is my favorite clip.  It’s about an abandoned military Jet in the woods. The video is raw and it makes the story a little weird and creepy but it gets to me because of this:

 I grew up in a town, where in 1962 this happened ( from History Link. Org)

On April 21, 1962, during the Seattle Century 21 World’s Fair opening ceremonies, an Air Force F102 airplane crashed into the Mountlake Terrace neighborhood.

As part of the opening day ceremonies, 10 Air Force F102s with the 64th Fighter-Interceptor Squadron at Paine Field near Everett did a flyby over the Century 21 fairgrounds.

Moments after the flyby, at 1,500 feet elevation, one of the planes’ engines flamed out. After two unsuccessful attempts to restart the engine, pilot Captain Joseph W. Wildt decided to ditch the F102 and headed it north towards Lake Washington. The pilot safely ejected but the plane missed the north end of the lake by three miles and crashed into a Mountlake Terrace neighborhood.

Site of Air Force F102 crash following World’s Fair opening day ceremonies, Mountlake Terrace, April 21, 1962

The crash killed Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Smith, destroyed two homes, and damaged five others. An investigation determined that Captain Wildt did not factor in the effect the loss of his weight would have on the plane’s trajectory.

Back at the Century 21 World’s Fairgrounds, no one realized there had been a tragedy, and the celebration continued.

The funny this is, my family moved there about 10 years after the crash and I remember kids talking about this and I also remember that a lot of adults said it wasn’t true and that the house in question just burned down. I still don’t know why some people spread the ‘house just burned down story ‘ and some people said it was ‘just a little plane and nobody died ‘ story.

It’s a mystery to me. Just like this: