Meet The Bugbears


Ms J Moscoso December 2022

When I got married and changed my name, it caused a bit of a stir with a lot of the women in my family- both sides- both my maternal and  paternal which took some doing because culturally and politically they did  not have a lot in common.

What I did hear was that  giving up my name was a very ” Un-liberated ” thing to do and now that it was NOT expected of me, why on Earth would I do something so old fashioned?

The bottom line is, I wanted the same last name as my Sons and figuring they were going to be Fathers one day ( which turned out to be a life goal for them, they are both family men )  I wanted the same name as my Grandchildren.

Before I got married my name was Godfrey- which sounds dignified and I thought it sounded like a writer’s name. So I was cool with it.

Then before we got married Luis told me that a rough translation of ‘ Moscoso’ is

Mosca” Flies ”  / Oso ” bear ” which works out as ” Bugbear “.

Now when I found out my name roughly identified me as a creature like a boogeyman or a bugaboo, I thought-

that’s the name for ME.

Photo J.M. Moscoso

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