See You Soon

AI artwork-Creator Unknown


Tomorrow  I will hunt for the perfect Halloween Pumpkin

in a field not far from where Iive.

I will haunt the rows, stalk the vines

in my yearly quest to find a Jack-O-Lantern

that resembles a human head.


And when it sees me, the pumpkin will howl

” Great, it’s that psycho with the knife again! ”


I will take it home and carve it, I will scoop out its stringy brains

and after Halloween  I will take it’s seeds to the field not far from where I live

and I will scatter them into the wind.


” See you next year Jack  I will say

with a little tear in my eye

and my pumpkin’s seeds will hiss, ” beat it you crazy chick,  it’s a long way back  to

Halloween  again. ”


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