The Drowned Fisherman

Word of The Day Challenge: PRESENT

I also challenged myself to only write about the things that I could see or taking place in this picture.

The drowned fisherman
Michael Ancher1896

In a small room with smooth whitewashed walls, a drowned fisherman  has been laid to rest on an oak table that he built years ago with his own rough and calloused  hands.

Sunlight is being  filtered through a single dusty window just above his head and little droplets of ocean water, caught in his hair and his beard glisten like little bits of broken glass in pale light that strikes his face and chest.

Around his resting place where his wife is clutching his hand to her chest, where  his  Mother and son are staring  down blindly  into his pale face, where  his crew are holding their breath, all of them  want to know- how can it be that in that room full of  beating hearts and plans for tonight, dreams for tomorrow,  can death be here with them?

He will open his eyes they are thinking, he will take a breath and to the marrow of their bones they believe he will sit up and together they will leave that room together and return to their work and their life at Sea.

There is a dark man with no face sitting across from the Drowned Fisherman and he knows better then all of the people in that room what will happen next- he and the Drowned Fisherman.

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