The Truth Is-

For Truthful Tuesday

Are you into Halloween? Will you be dressing up and going out; handing out candy to trick-or-treaters; or staying home with the lights off, waiting for All Saints’ Day?

On Halloween I will be handing out candy, I will be setting out my pumpkins and decorating my porch.

I will be dressing up my dog but I won’t be wearing a costume because when you dress up your dog and you’re walking him around on Halloween nobody cares if you are dressed up.

That can be an ego cruncher, but I don’t mind being upstaged by my dog.

Halloween 2017-The Year Hamish was a Christmas tree for Halloween: Photo A.M. Moscoso

Halloween is the one night, the one day when the world smells like candle wax, log fires mystery and a little fear. Halloween feels like dust and spider webs caught in your hair and clinging to your face as you rush through basements and attics in haunted houses on a dare.

There’s no way I’d miss a second Halloween- and that is the truth.

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