Treat Time

Experience Writing  Photo Challenge: Seeing In The Dark ( Treat)

When I am out walking my dog along the same route we take everyday, I could say dramatically- ” This walk is so boring, there is nothing to see. ” Then with a clear conscious  I could stare into my phone or the back of my dog’s head and WILL him to  potty so that we could go in and eat snacks.

But that’s not true.

On that same stretch of road I see big things like crows in the middle of an air fight with an eagle.  Sometimes I see things that shouldn’t be there-  like bears or odd people standing nonchalantly next to cars that do not belong to them.

Sometimes I see little things that I can add to  my curious shelf- little bits of bone, egg shells that fall from the birds nest, dried flowers.

I know that is why  I consider this picture that I got to be a treat- because to me it is both odd and curious:

Photo A.M. Moscoso

I looked down and there in the dark on the ground I saw two perfect Autumn leaves side by side.

Placed there by human hands or not, by fate or just the wind blowing in the right direction,  I ‘m glad I saw them there.


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