Treat Yourself

RDP Tuesday: FORGE

Life is hard.

It throws us spiked  and loaded curve balls

and sometimes it doesn’t throw us spiked and loaded curve balls

and we find ourselves waiting for one of life’s little face bombs to show up and smack

us right between the eyes.


That is an exhausting way to live.


So as we forge ahead and try to make it through the day with a smile on our faces

and a happy song in hearts you do get a little worn out, a little down.

Staying positive is hard work- so my advice is  to treat yourself now and then.


We deserve it.


Just in case you’re curious ( and it would be poor writing form if I didn’t add this bit  and

answer the question what kind of treat I allow myself)  I’ll share it now:

I go to McDonald’s for my treat.  McDonald’s has the best fries in the world, but it’s not

an exciting treat to go for anymore . I’m way to old  ( and big ) to play on the toys and

the food has been served in the same packaging  since before the Big Bang.

Someone  with the help of AI created the perfect McDonalds and I am hoping  that one

day it becomes real and as I forge ahead in life, dancing and ducking from it’s curve

balls- I’ll get to buy my fries and devour them here:

A.I. Art- Creator Unknown

A.I. Art- Creator Unknown

A.I. Art-Creator Unknown

A.I. Art-Creator Unknown

A.I,. Art- Creator Unknown

PS- the AI Artwork might be macabre but it’s not as creepy as the McDonald’s playground toys used to be and that’s a fact.

5 thoughts on “Treat Yourself

    • I was about 6 when the Hamburgler showed up- I remember little kids- and not so little kids racing around the playground and recess pretending (?) to be him.

  1. On my break reading contributions to forge🤗 The video is very entertaining. Once in awhile, I eat fries when I’m craving salt. The A1 images are out of this world!

    • Aren’t those AI pictures something else? Do you know, I couldn’t find a video from American TV that I liked and the one I saw wasn’t one I really liked-plus the quality was poor. I loved this one- it was so over the top and perfect 🙂

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