Experience Halloween Photo Challenge: MASK

RDP  Wednesday: OVERDUE

Yesterday I went in for an overdue hair appointment.

You might say I traded one mask for another.

As you can see, I needed some work. Well. I needed a lot of work.

I’ve been putting it off because I am going to some Halloween events with my granddaughter next week so I let things go over the summer.

A.M. Moscoso

Tuesday afternoon I appeared in  Michael Dean’s doorway  just as a rip roaring rainstorm hit- no kidding, it was raining like the dickens. A pile of water logged red and gold maple leaves followed me over the threshold as I made my soggy, yet dramatic entrance.

When Mick saw me  in all of my October storm looking  glory, he didn’t bat an eye, he didn’t say what the heck. Cool as a cucumber he motioned me to the chair. He draped a black cloth over my shoulders and the he told me to sit. He stepped behind, me he looked up and then he looked at the back of my head and nodded.

Like the reincarnation of Harry Houdini himself Mick waved his  magician’s wand  scissors all around my head and when he we done he said. ” Perfect. “

Then he went to the backroom and mixed a magical potion. He  came back wearing a black apron and then he meticulously painted charms on patterns all over my hair.

When he was done with that he sat me under the dryer and tried to boil my brains in my skull.

After a spell he told me to stand, so  me and my unboiled brains did as he requested because who doesn’t do what a Magician says in the middle of a magic trick? Not this girl. That’s for sure.

A.M. Moscoso

As the shop  lights flashed, as the wind and the rain were pounding against the windows and rattling the door,

he took away the wrap, he fluffed up my hair and then I turned to the mirror and

My hairstylist is a Magician- FOR REAL! I told you didn’t I?

AI Art by Cursejourney

Nah, he didn’t turn me into a demon lady, I asked but no dice.

There is a limit to his magic, he claims.

A.M. Moscoso

But I don’t believe that one bit.

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    • Thank you Maria! Life isn’t boring- the way we look at it makes it appear so. Plus. I’ve been itching to write a story about a magician and it happened…like magic!

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