To Speak The Truth

The Painter and his Pug
William Hogarth1745-01-01

WP Daily Prompt asks: What’s something you would attempt if you were guaranteed not to fail.

Is this a for real question?

This prompt in a roundabout way brought back this memory- so stay with me here:


Once I was going through Jury selection and I was asked what I did for a living and I said that I was a Mortician’s Apprentice-

the next question was,

” so you embalm dead people? ”

I felt like a little prairie dog all alone in a field with nowhere to hide and  above me, in deep clear  blue sky ( the skies are blue all day on the open range- at least that’s what the song says)  a  little black dot circling  over my head.

” Well,” I said slowly as I looked up and around the room without trying to move for fear the little block dot circling over my head in my mind’s eye decided to swoop down for the kill   ” embalming live ones is frowned upon- pretty much by everybody I think. ‘

Today’s prompt makes me feel like I did that day in the Courtroom. It feels like a weird trick question.

I have to say, what is the point of doing anything if you know how it will all end?

I’ve tried a lot of things I thought would be great and sometimes I was happy with the end result and there were other times I could have torn my own face off and fed it to the sharks  so nobody would ever recognize me and one of my stupid ideas ever again.

But those experiences have given me ideas for a lifetime of stories, so no I don’t want to know how anything I do ends.

That takes the fun out of life.

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