Road Killer

From Experience Writing: Writober Picture Prompt

Artist: Casey Weldon

I was driving home from the gym, it was early morning and the pumpkin an cornfields were dusted with frost.

As I sped along, I passed one dead deer on the side of the road, and then another and another and another.

I came to a stop and put my car into park.  I felt like I should turn back, but then I convinced I myself I was just being silly, so I put my car back into drive and moved quietly, carefully along the road.

I held my breath as I drove.

Up ahead I saw a tow truck, I saw a blue pickup truck on it’s side. As I passed the trucks I saw the front end of the pickup truck. It’swindshield was smashed in and covered with gore. I saw the truck from the medical examiners office ( they’re tombstone gray in our county ) parked a little ways behind the blue pickup truck.

There were crows sitting on a fence near the M.E.’s truck and they were as silent and still as statues.

I guessed the truck had hit the deer and after it was done hitting one deer after another, the driver must have lost control of the truck and ended up on it’s side in the field.

I didn’t ask myself why someone would ram a bunch of deer on the side of the road. Hunters in my hometown are hunting for deer heads. They don’t even pretend to be hunting for venison.  I guess you could call them thrill killers.

I looked forward towards the middle of the road so I wouldn’t think about the deer or the truck driver cooling in the Medical Examiner’s truck and that’s when  I saw the rabbit.

It was white and it had  three black marks running down the front of it’s face.

I came to a stop and the rabbit looked at me and twitched it’s nose. Then it got up on it’s toes and it didn’t hop away. It walked with it’s back arched up.

Then it stopped and looked right at me.

It opened it’s little mouth and I’m not sure if it growled or it hissed.

But for no reason at all, I’m thinking it was laughing.

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