Anything is Possible Now

WP Daily Prompt: What major historical events do you remember?

Dressed in his space suit, ‘Buzz’ Aldrin is seen on the surface of the moon, surrounded by footprints left by himself and mission commander Neil Armstrong

The very first historical event I remember was the Moon Landing- I was I almost five years old at the time.

I was pretty freaked out by the entire thing because for some reason I thought that Martians were going to attack us  now and I even had nightmares about it.

My nightmares about the Martian Invasion were so bad I started to sleep under my bed with a baseball bat and my plushie musical Snoopy.

My Dad wasn’t exactly helpful with my situation.

I asked him if we were going to get into trouble with the Martians for landing on the Moon and he said,

” I guess anything is possible now.”

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