I’m Already There

Photo J.M. Moscoso

If I had a enough money  in the world to do anything I wanted to do, if I had a bank account healthy enough to go anywhere in the world ( or off world )-

I wouldn’t pay to go to the moon –

but if I could be convinced if we knew for sure that on the surface of the Moon there is a graveyard.

I would pull out my checkbook, my credit cards if you told me that once upon a time- thousands of years ago, maybe even millions of years ago a ship full of astronauts  went mad because the closer they got to the Moon they changed.

They howled. They ranted and raved. Some of them escaped from the ship without putting on their space suits and when they set foot on the moons dusty, chalky,  airless surface their blood boiled, they died and then they froze.

They  were dead  the  unafflicted  believed. So they buried them with their eyes open.

But of course, we know unless they put a silver bullet into their hearts, the bodies they buried  on the Moon were not dead at all.

You bet I’d go to the Moon for that and I  would take a shovel.

Photo J.M Moscoso



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