The Veil

Artist Unknown

My black cat doesn’t belong to Halloween.


My Nan whose Ghost I see around the holidays when there are icy roads and

thunderstorms are rolling across the Sound

doesn’t come back because she’s allowed to.


I don’t visit cemeteries because I want to be scared.


Tonight, of all the other nights in the year

is the one night nobody asks us

why we are here.


Carl Kolchak
Photo A.M.Moscoso
RIP you wonderful boy.

3 thoughts on “The Veil

    • Kolchak was the friendliest cat- when I took him to the Vet’s he would wander around the office and waiting room and greet the other animals and visit with their families and when he was done he would sit on the counter. People thought he was the Office Cat. I think a lot of him rubbed off on Hamish Macbeth- their temperaments were very similiar, Kolchak was his “Dad” until he passed away. I was truly blessed to have that wonderful cat in my life.

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