One Of A Kind


Artist Unknown

When I was about 10 years old, I wanted to join one of those clubs that girls used to join- you sold cookies and earned badges and you got to make cool crafts and go on camping trips.

My friend  belonged to this great club and she took me to her next meeting and asked her Troop Leader if I could join their group.

I showed up at the next meeting with my friend- who was excited that we were going to get to do this great thing together ( we had been separated at the beginning of the school year and were in different classes ).

She knocked on the door and her Troop Leader opened it and my friend launched into her introductions.

Her Troop leader took  one look at me and she had this big sunny smile so I thought I was going to be able to join and she said, ” Oh. I’m sorry. We have a full group, so maybe you will be able to find another Troop to join.”

It was a small town- there wasn’t another troop- not unless I tried a different city and in those days there were no buses and I did not come from a family where my Dad was going to drive me around to do kid stuff.

After her pep talk  she placed her hand and my friend’s should and gently pulled her in through the door and then she shut the door on my face.

Artist Unknown

It’s not like I went out of my way to join exclusive clubs- it’s just that I didn’t find out they were exclusive right off the bat. Sometimes it depressed me that I didn’t have the look or the attitude  fit in-  that I didn’t understand how to mold into a ‘better ‘ version of me.

On the other hand, sometimes rejection isn’t such a bad thing.



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