A Ghostly Reminder

For Fandango’s Flashback Friday, I thought I’d repost a fun thing I wrote about telling ghost stories at Christmas back in November of ’22

Last week my day job has expanded a bit, so I’ve been focused on learning some new things- which is okay but it is NOT okay for my writing time ( which has suffered ). This post is going to get me  back on track so I thought I’d share it with you just in case anyone needs a little creativity boost themselves.



Earlier this month I posted a story about my family telling ghost stories at Christmas- it’s a Victorian Tradition and one that I really enjoy taking part in. I’ve posted some links here for a little inspiration and if this Winter you have that feeling in your bones ( that can only be a ghost story trying to make it’s way into the world ) then you might find these useful too.


How To Write A Victorian Christmas Ghost Story

Best Thriller and Suspense Writing Prompts of 2021 (reedsy.com)

Writing Prompts About Ghosts

I Hate It Here

Daily Prompt; What is your favorite place to go in your city?

I live outside of Seattle in the zit on a deadman’s ass  that I refer to as ” toilet town “.

On a good day in toilet town I don’t see someone with a doNaLd tRump  flying from the back of their little Toyota Truck with US flags stuck all over it or a family of gunhumpers strolling through the grocery store in their pajamas with a firearm strapped to their person.

Before I came here I thought that life in the suburbs was Hell and I was glad to get away from it.

Now I miss Hell.

I miss it so much.

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