I Hate It Here

Daily Prompt; What is your favorite place to go in your city?

I live outside of Seattle in the zit on a deadman’s ass  that I refer to as ” toilet town “.

On a good day in toilet town I don’t see someone with a doNaLd tRump  flying from the back of their little Toyota Truck with US flags stuck all over it or a family of gunhumpers strolling through the grocery store in their pajamas with a firearm strapped to their person.

Before I came here I thought that life in the suburbs was Hell and I was glad to get away from it.

Now I miss Hell.

I miss it so much.

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4 thoughts on “I Hate It Here

  1. I visited Seattle once. It was an interesting place. I remember the famous gum wall and going to some restaurant where they did flying trapeze acts above my head while I ate. Then we got lost and asked for directions and someone lead us to a strip joint. I remember the traffic was horrendous. However, I currently live in the Cleveland, Ohio area. I do like my area. I love the fall time, metro parks, all the places I can hike to, all of the coffee shops.

  2. Hellos from another Seattleite – Unfortunately SEA that I raised my family is no longer! BUT. I recommend seeking solitude in WA’s beautiful mountains, lakes and parks. There you’ll meet people who cherish life, fresh air and nature’s wonders in all seasons. Be cool, Be happy.

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