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Today is Halloween. Last night was Mischief Night. When I was a kid I used to indulge in Mischief Night. I’d heard about this night from my Grandfather and one Halloween night shortly after my best friend and I busted out of our First Grade class, snuck into the coat room and threw the jackets by the …

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Here’s a story I wrote about a tough Halloween Night for a couple of seasoned Halloween Revelers. It’s posted at  ‘ Modern Creative Life ‘ and I hope you will check my story and the many wonderful articles and stories while you’re there WAX LIPS BY A.M MOSCOSO

Have you ever tasted Halloween with the tip of  your tongue? Tasted like pennies and burnt sugar caramel, thick and sweet sliding down your throat like warm blood. Have you seen Halloween from the corner of your eye it moved like a cat,  black as midnight where does it hide until you walk by alone …

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