Why Is There A Book In Facebook?

Monet 5 (Blue Water Lilies)


There are some nights when I sit down to write that I wish I could Facebook it  on my blog and just quip and re-post what other people have already posted and write about that. My brain and imagination could just kick back, eat some pizza and watch one of those movies I bought on DVD and never get around to watching.

I do wonder as I eat Pizza and noodle around for a story or poem  to share,  if everyone is busy “talking”  on Facebook does anybody listen? Does anybody read what’s been quipped? I’ve noticed that people comment on the posts  they catch on Facebook, but if you read what some of  the commentators are saying,  in some cases it’s obvious they didn’t actually read the article in question.

As a writer that rattles my cage.

I feel like the character in the Twilight Zone, ” The Obsolete Man 

Do you know, sometimes when I’m the bus to work I’ll pull out my phone and surf the net.

I do it because I really do want to fit in. I want to know what it feels like.

I do it because I don’t want to drift, to float, to become obsolete.


Daily Post Prompt: Float

Off To The Holidailies!

It’s time for the 2016 Holidailies and I am IN!

The Holidailies are posts that are related to the Holiday Experience so you will find a lot of cool stories, recipes and photographs with a holiday theme.

If have a site to share, you might want to dive ii. The Goal is to do a post a day, but nobody kicks you off if you can’t.

I hope you’ll stop by my blog- as well as the others you will find listed at the Holidailies site- and you will have as much fun reading as we had creating.



She Took Poor Edward To Hell


Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt





I’ve been having a debate with myself-

I tell stories, take pictures and write poems but the one thing I haven’t done is really talk about me- you can see and read the result of my inspiration (S) but not much more then that.

Even when I do open the door and let people catch a glimpse of me, I tell a story about what you see.

I really do enjoy blogs where writers and artists drop posts about their lives and what is going on in them- that is brave and honest.

Does this mean I’m neither brave nor honest in my writing?

I really do struggle with that question.

I’m of two minds, you might say.

Just like Poor Edward Mordake.

Edward Mordrake: Fictional AMERICAN HORROR STORY

Edward Mordake: Fictional Version From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake was said to have had a face on the back of his head- it spoke to him, tormented him, drove him to  suicide.

Sometimes I get how that feels- to have one part of you war with the other part- who will win? Does it matter?

In Edward’s case it did.

In mine I think it keeps my blog- my writing from being fully realized.

I’m not sure I care for that- not one bit.

Do you agree or disagree?

So I’ll just throw it out there- answer of you want:

My blog is about writing and to a lesser degree photography ( I feel my pictures tell their own story, so I don’t consider myself a budding photographer- it’s just another way to write as far as I’m concerned )

Does going off on little essays ( I guess  that is what this is ) add to my blog, to my writing. Or does it distract from it?

Please leave me your thoughts in the comment section- or if you write about it post the link there too. I would really like to learn how other Writers approach this.

Anita Marie

Edward Mordrake From American Horror Story

Edward Mordake From
American Horror Story





Daily Prompt

Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt




I did it!

This month I did a post a day.

That’s 31 Posts.

Yay Me!



Well anyhoo this is what I  accomplished this month:

Vilhelm Hammershoi

Vilhelm Hammershoi

I’ve tried new things like writing Poetry.

Poetry is fun, I’m really glad I don’t know what I’m doing. I was really sad to find out there are rules and I’m not following them- I’m not sad I didn’t follow the rules, I’m just sad there are some.

I’ve also explored artwork- I’ve discovered I really have a love for  Abstract Art   and Impressionist Art. There are rules in that too, but I don’t have to care because I can’t paint. I can barely write legibly and I screw up stick figures. So I just get to admire the art and be inspired by it.

I’ve also discovered some great blogs to read so my bus commute home is fun and I no longer spend the bus ride hoping I’ll get hit by lightening and spared that particular form of drudgery.

Yay on that.



And the biggest take away this month has been that I really do like the sound of my own (writer’s ) voice, no matter what is going on I CAN find the time to write and create and to top it all off we are done with August and I can go into full Halloween Mode.


John Quidor

John Quidor

So the posts will continue on a daily basis- where it goes nobody knows, there are a lot of writing projects to be tried.

But Halloween is going to be a big deal around here and that will color a lot of what I write about.

Just FYI



Dancing In My Bones At The Creek


If you like my Enduring Bones

you might enjoy getting Lost with me at my other blog


I’ve sworn off of communicating through Facebook

and to replace it I started a second blog. There’s more reading involved then what I do at FB, but that’s not such a bad thing when what you do is WRITE.

I hope you will visit that blog too for all kinds of random stuff by me


Faithful Writer/Blogger/Reader

Anita Marie Moscoso

So You Want To Be A Rock Star


Yesterday I read an article about what makes a successful blog ( apparently 1,000 hits is an indication that you’re succeeding ) or why others ‘crash and burn’.

I had no idea a blog could ‘crash and burn’.

During the Halloween season my other blog takes a lot of hits and by the standard I read about I’m a roaring success. But into November I suck. Same stories.  But once November rolls around I ‘ Crash and Burn’.

Huh. I hadn’t thought of it that way.

I come up with an idea for a story. I  write it. I put it out there and hope it gets read. That’s my goal and by that measure I feel pretty good about my blog(s).

My blog is were I go to write- its where I go to try out different genres, it’s my playground.

Besides, it does help to get over that fear of ‘being on stage’.  Anyone at anytime can run across my blog and nose around and once you get used to that idea, asking people  outright to read my work isn’t such an intimidating thing to do.

Actually I’m pretty shameless in that regard. I send links around to my stories all the time.

I  liked this article.

It did ask some good questions, gave some good answers and  sound advice so I would say it’s a great read if you want to spiffy up your blog and attract more readers.

I would advise though, that practice, practice, practice makes you a more confident writer. Once you have your chops down and you really want to get your blog out there-at least consider  the advice in this article:

The One Big Reason Some Blogs Succeed, While Others Crash and Burn