Why Is There A Book In Facebook?

Monet 5 (Blue Water Lilies)


There are some nights when I sit down to write that I wish I could Facebook it  on my blog and just quip and re-post what other people have already posted and write about that. My brain and imagination could just kick back, eat some pizza and watch one of those movies I bought on DVD and never get around to watching.

I do wonder as I eat Pizza and noodle around for a story or poem  to share,  if everyone is busy “talking”  on Facebook does anybody listen? Does anybody read what’s been quipped? I’ve noticed that people comment on the posts  they catch on Facebook, but if you read what some of  the commentators are saying,  in some cases it’s obvious they didn’t actually read the article in question.

As a writer that rattles my cage.

I feel like the character in the Twilight Zone, ” The Obsolete Man 

Do you know, sometimes when I’m the bus to work I’ll pull out my phone and surf the net.

I do it because I really do want to fit in. I want to know what it feels like.

I do it because I don’t want to drift, to float, to become obsolete.


Daily Post Prompt: Float

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