The Cemetery Cat

Fandango’s Dog Days of August Prompt #2: Blog

Evergreen Washelli Cemetery: Photo By Anita Moscoso

I didn’t mean to blog.

Over 15 years ago I had joined an on line writer’s group called ” The Soul Food Café ” so that I could start writing again- I had done a lot of writing when I was kid and all the way through high school. But then I started to play in bands and then I got married and the writing fell to the side of the road.

Anyway, one of the tasks I had to do was to set up a blog- which at the time wasn’t something a lot of people did. In setting things in this wilderness I forgot to make my blog ” private” and within a few weeks it was getting ‘hits’.

I was a little mortified.

Not that what I was writing was shady or weird in an anti-social sort of way, but my friends who did write got to ask people if what they did was good, or should they post it. They got feedback and support.

I just put myself out there with no plan or direction for what I wanted to ‘say’

I guess I was like that neighbor that had the crazy dog that ran free in the neighborhood and whizzed on somebody’s prize Roses and dug holes in carefully manicured lawns.

You know what I mean.

So every exercise I wrote – for better or for worse went live.

I guess that was good. I jumped right on in and just started to write away- there was no turning back and I couldn’t wish anything I had written away into the cornfield so I just kept moving it forward

and here I am.

You might be wondering why I titled this post the Cemetery Cat.

I used to have bookplates that I only put in my favorite books of a cat sitting on top of a stack of books and in tiny print under the place where you wrote ( see how old I am? You had to actually ink your name in with a pen ) your name it said ” The Literary Cat “

I’m not going to pretend I’m striving to hit literary heights and be the next M.R. James ( but GOD I wish I could be ). I just sort of do my thing, most of it has is about cemeteries and ghosts so that’s why the title.


I just like the picture.

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