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Fandango’s Provocative Question#109

How many hours, on average, do you spend per day (or per week) on blogging-related activities? And, what do you think you might do with your time if you didn’t spend it on those blogging-related activities?

” Moth Dress ” by Louise Richardson
Photographer Unknown

When I am not writing/blogging/working on an idea:

I am walking my dog, working on art projects ( I really really suck at that but it’s fun ) like model building or drawing or photography ( I suck at that too, but again it’s fun ). I also like to watch ghost stories or suspense movies on Netflix.

My favorite, by far, are the movies about the supernatural  from India- OMG they know how to tell great ghost stories over there! I also enjoy Japanese movies about ghosts and curses because I’m familiar with those ( my Mom grew up in Hawaii and she and her family LOVED to tell ghost stories) and stories about Japanese ghosts and demons are bone chillers.

Sometimes I just sit back and listen to music- random tracks- because when I hear music and sort of clear my head, random images pop up and sometimes those images are so weird that I get stories from them.

So when I am not actually writing, or working on an idea I suppose it’s easy to see I’m putting myself in places where I get ideas for things to write about. It’s all I ever really do.

As you can see on my blog, sometimes I come up with some great stuff and sometimes it might not be as great as other times.

But I feel about my writing the way people feel about their babies.

You might think your baby adorable but other people will look at a baby and see something that looks like a smooshy naked monkey that smells like milk and pee.

That’s how I look at my writing- it’s like a smelly, adorable smooshy thing that smells like milk and pee.

But I love it all the same and I’m proud of it, even though it isn’t perfect, or even sort of perfect.

After all, I put a lot of time and devotion into making all of it happen and that makes me feel like I am making my life count for something worthwhile.

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  1. What a great analogy. My writing probably smells like milk and pee too and I just never noticed. I am sorry 😔 I haven’t looked at your posts sooner. They are very thoughtful and also enjoyable.

    • It is worth a lot to me that you enjoy my writing! Thank you so much for reading my work, and for posting the great prompts that have been inspirational to me and others.
      Anita Marie

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